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Im a 45 year old Virgin is this bad?

Alright so I am a 45 year old man and never had a gf, never kissed a girl or done anything with one. I gave up on girls in my second year of college, because I had never even had a girl that was a friend by that time and everyone I know was alright in serious relationships or married or atleast been somewhere with a woman. So I knew it was just never meant to be and gave up on woman. So is this a bad thing that I never got close to a woman??? I had feelings for woman, but they would never even give me the time of day. And no I dont live with my mom or any stereotype crap like that. So are some people just meant to be alone or what???

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    You never thought to get a hooker? By now you should be at peace with your abstinence. But you've missed out on some fun.

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    There could be many reasons why you are alone and never had a girlfriend. Just realize you are not alone. There are plenty of people who are alone by choice or 'circumstances' and learn to live with it just fine. If you are not happy that way, try dating....just keep asking, till someone agrees. Be the nicest person you are capable of being and keep yourself very clean. Some woman will date you. There are more women in the US than men---so the odds are you will find a mate. Go to places that singles frequent. Church, clubs, health spas, schools, etc. Re do yourself and present the new you to friends and let them know you are looking for a mate. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to meet someone. Also, read about dating and the ettiquette that goes along with it. Good luck.

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    It's not a problem that you're 45 and a virgin. Please don't allow yourself to feel like you fall under a demographic. I absolutely hate how society considers "sex" as a social status.

    What is problematic, is your distance towards women.

    You don't ever have to be involved with a woman. But to think like a woman that "...if it's meant to be it'll happen..." nothing is going to change. I'm a woman, and I think that if I do nothing to change my situation, nothing will change. It's insane for you to hope when you do nothing different to better your situation.

    If you are giving up - then you don't need to think about this issue at all. Either you accept it, or you help yourself.

    No one is meant to be "anything" specific.

    You made a choice to give up on women...I think that has something to do with your situation.

    Now dating at your age is REALLY difficult, most women in your age group have baggage, but also are very headstrong and self-sufficient.

    Are you going to date and look past women's faults, or continue to keep your distance to keep yourself single for the rest of your life?

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    my Uncle is around 58 and in your position, don't know if he's a virgin or not though.

    I think some people are just happy enough on their own not to need someone else. If you do want to meet someone then start looking or being more open/conversational with women.

    If you're content the way you are there's no harm in carrying on.

    live your life with no regrets.

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    Try one of the match maker websites like e harmony or yahoo personals. I know a lot of people who have met really great people on these and two people who married someone they met on these.

    You are not destined to be alone. Everyone has a soul mate. You have not found yours yet. Good luck.

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    Yes, I'm sorry, I do think that is quite bad. Making love to someone is incredible, being in love with someone is amazing and experimenting with sex and sexuality is fantastic. You should try those things. Plus all the cultural refrences, be it comedy, tradgedy, drama, etc which come from an understanding of sex and sexuality are important to comprehend in a social context. Yes, I think you should try hard to have fun and understand it. Good luck.

    Edit: Don't sleep with a prostitute, it's not the same thing.

    And I know I'll get thumbs down for this, but don't offer

    up information and tell girls that your a virgin.

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    Well, I think you should try to hook up with someone online if you are looking for a relationship. Otherwise, if you are looking purely for sex then you should find a prostitute or some other kind of way to fulfill your desires. I'm sure you could find this online too.

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    you are fine just the way you are; and you are by no means alone, there are billions of people on this Earth....some people are asexual, can live with it, can live without are who you are, it has been working for you obviously; if having a girlfriend and relationship and sex is really that important to you, you would/will have it........just be happy with are the only you there is on this Earth....

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    you don't need a woman, just keep your options for one open,

    There's nothing wrong with you,

    You have just kept your self for the right woman

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    first off.. dont say GF.. your 45.

    well, you just seem lonley. if you dont want to ben alone the rest of your life, get out there and have some fun. ask a women out but do NOT tell her your a virgin.

    i hope i helped. =]

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