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How are states represented in the federal government?

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How are states represented in the federal government?

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    Theoretically, by Senators...however since the 17th Amendment changed the selection of Senators to a popular vote (they were previously selected by State Legislatures, and were therefore beholden to their State Government apparatus, more than to the public at large)

    States (as such) really aren't represented at all.

    The only real input they have into the Federal Government is thru the Electoral College, where each State still has the power to determine the allocation of Electors.


    btw - I am not at all surprised by the Dems scoring so far....Dems are way too concerned with feelings and opinions, regardless of the facts. We Republicans might not LIKE the facts, but we try to know what they are. I am surprised by the Libertarians....most of the Libertarians I know are knowledgeable about this sort of thing. Again, they may not LIKE the facts, but they do know what they are.

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    Each state get 2 Senators, while Representative are alloted buy population.

    At one time the allotment was to be, 1 Representative for no less than 30,000 population, however we would never get any thing done wit over 10.000 representative in the house, it was finally set at the current number of seat that are available not and alloted by population.

    Every 10 years according the the census.

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    States as entities aren't represented by the federal government, the federal government is comprised of 2 people from each state in the Senate, and representatives from each state determined by population.

    States are involved in ratifying amendments to the constitution, I suppose this could be a form representation.

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    by our Senators and House of Representatives members. this is called congress. we vote them into office , and they are supposed to vote according to the will of the people in the area they represent. this does not always happen , and then we have to vote them out !! this is part of our system of checks and balances , and the way our forefathers intended. our congressmen / women only have an approval rating of 12% i believe , so it is time to vote them and and start with fresh meat !!

    i am a republican. pro-life , pro-gun , and pro-capital punishment. less government , less welfare , and lower taxes.

    McCain / Palin 2008

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    Federal - we've a reasonably vulnerable and stupid and disorganized state government. It does no longer in all danger be too stressful to never pay your earnings taxes to our state government. i do no longer think of they had ever comprehend.

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