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HELP. i think my cat is dying?

ive had my cat alfred for ten years, since i was four years old. this morning he was acting overly clingy and affectonate. then he started throwing up clear liquid soon after. he hasnt been moving around much at all, has been breathing shallow breaths through his mouth, and he doesnt want to open his eyes. he's laying downstairs on a towel on my dads lap, and it breaks my heart to even look at him. this morning i just thought he had to bring up a hairball, i gave him hairball medicine but it didnt do much. he's been sleeping nearly all day, he's just listless. do you think he is having organ failure? isnt ten years old a bit early for a healthy indoor cat to go? i would bring him to the vet in a heartbeat but today's sunday. if i dont see him at my door tomorrrow morning, im going back to bed.

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    Bring him an emergency vet. For some indoor cats 10 years is old. If it's his time the best thing you can do for him is make him comfortable and make sure he knows that you love him very much.

  • you need to look at taking the cat into a vet. there are so many different ailments with cats that have similar symptoms, and urine/blood tests, and a vet can deduce what exactly is wrong with your cat.

    10 years is a little early for a 10yr old indoor cat to go yes. but my indoor 4yr old cat went recently as well, and that is certainly a shock. but unless there is an expiry date stamped on your cat, you never know when and where they might pass on.

    good luck :)

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    You need to take your cat to the animal ER there should be one close to you, most Vets can not diagnose over the phone but what you are saying could be poison from some thing the cat ate.Also if your cat goes out side a number of things could have happened. i would ask the parents to help and yes 10 is young my cat is16.don't wait

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    I can't figure out why people want the opinion of strangers on here when their pets are so sick. My advice is to call your vet's emergency phone number. If you don't have a vet, get out the phone book and look one up. Having a pet means you go to whatever lengths you need to to care for it. Pick up the phone NOW! Your "baby" needs you.

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    Hiya sweetie,

    I'm very sorry that your cat is sick, he may not be dying though....all of his actions may be his way of asking for help. You're still young so, have your parents take him to the vet could be anything with a cat...their curious nature sometimes gets them in trouble, so do not assume it's 2 late 2 try......believe me, just try...for his sake!

    God bless u & Alfred!

    Take care & hope everything is fine. :)

    Source(s): I'm a proud cat "mommy"!
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    Oh so sorry to hear this. I'll say a prayer for him. Please take him to the vet because there is really nothing you can do,but make sure you tell him you love him and always will. And that if its his time to go you are ok with this because you don't want him suffering but please tell him so that he can hear you.

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    Your kitty is definitely sick. But the fact that he hasn't hidden himself seems to say that he's not dying yet. I hope he'll be ok, I know how heartbreaking it is to loose a loved cat.

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    he might have gotten into some cleaning solution take him to the vet asap

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    You should be able to call a vet.

    Like, there should be an after hours number.

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    EMERGENCY VET. Get there and get there NOW.

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