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What do you think of my team?

C- Briere

C- P.Stastny

LW- Vanek

LW- Wolski

RW- Iginla

RW- Dustin Brown

D- L. Visnovsky


D- Enstrom

D- Roszival

Bench players:

C- Plekanec

C- Stamkos

D- Preissing


N. Backstrom

Dan Ellis

Tim Thomas

I'm actually in the middle of a waiver process which would get rid of Preissing and Rozsival for Shea Weber and K. Timonen.... another thing, i'm kinda iffy on Wolski; Ray Whitney's available and i might want to replace him for Wolski

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    Looks pretty good. As for wolski for whitney, thats risky. Wolski's numbers are bound to increase, he is too talented. Whitney is nearing the end of his career and is possibly slowing down. Also, having two talented centers on your bench is a waste. You could easily trade away one of them to improve your defense, lw or goalies. if possible, have another lw on your bench, that way you can keep both wolski and whitney and move them in and out. (this would involve dropping the player has been knocked out by your trade)

    thats kinda confusing so do this:

    trade either stamkos or plekanec to improve g, d, or left wing. This will give you one extra player in that position. Drop the worst in that position for whitney. You can then change whitney and wolski depending on how they are doing this year.

    good luck

  • Good at Center and Right Wing

    LW is a bit weak, and that's usually the hardest position to fill with a quality player.

    D isn't that bad. Visnovsky should do better on an improved Edmonton team. If Bieksa can stay healthy, he will give you good stats. As much as I HATE to admit this, Rosival is a 35-40 points defenseman, with 15-20 on the PP, so I wouldn't be in a hurry to dump him. Someone will claim him on waivers. Try trading him first.

    Your goalies are a tad weak too, but they always go down sometime during the year, just keep an eye out.

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    Personally, I think your goalies/D are a little weak. Your defense men probably won't contribute much from the back end with the exception of Enstrom who will probably have a really good year. If Kris Letang/Alex Goligoski are still available for the Penguins, I would definitely look into picking one of them up especially with the injuries to Gonchar and Whitney. Letang is going to have a huge year. Also, adding Timonen will be huge. Good pick on Stamkos too. He should be able to contribute immediately. Your centers are solid and Iginla is such a beast. I would try to add another goal scorer if possible

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    I'm not very good at fantasy hockey, but it looks like a good team. One thing about Wolski is he is young and still progressing, he is a little iffy but, I would still take him over Ray Whitney.

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    Forwards are pretty set.

    Defense could use some work.

    Goalies are solid, but not spectacular.

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    id pick up whitney

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