What classes do you take when majoring in photography?

I would like to major in photography later on in life (right now im doing something else) but i would like to know what kind of classes do they offer, more specifically, are there any photoshop classes that one takes to learn how to TRULY MASTER, and i mean MASTER, the program???? If not where can i go to take photoshop classes??

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    check out Art schools such as the Art Institutes... they also offer degrees in Photography!

    I took Principles of Photography in my school as an elective and I believe that's one of the beginning classes in Photography... pretty neat... i like it... I'm an Animation major though!

    Good luck!

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  • My local community college offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses in Photoshop that'll teach you how to use all the tools, but a lot of it is practicing yourself.

    I took an introductory film photography course where we worked in the darkroom to develop our pictures, and the basic techniques I learned there have actually helped me a lot when using Photoshop.

    The key is to work around with it yourself, though. You can watch Bob Ross teach you to paint a mountain vista, but you won't be able to do it yourself unless you work on it.

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    Here is a link to information about the Photography BA program at the Art Institute of CO (the school I go to). If you scroll to the bottom, you can see all the classes required to graduate.


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