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what crib mattress do you use?

I got sealy ortho rest. If that's what you have how did you like it?

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    I use the same one they are really good!!

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    i forget the brand we got. its a popular brand, but she is asleep on it now, so i cant check. it was mid price...right in the middle of the cheapest and most expensive on the shelf at babies r us. i DO NOT recommend it! go with an expensive one, because my daughter's has some sharp thing poking out of the side! it ripped a sheet and cut me once! (i took a cotton ball and used making tape to kinda "band-aid" over it, cuz i am too cheap. i should take my own advice!)

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    i use wendy bellisimo (sp) from babies r us, it is great!! nice, firm, comfy, air vents, lots of springs===we actually laid some on the floor 2 see how the felt, of course, the more expensive, the better they felt! but i figure....crib, toddler bed, it'lll be used for a while....and it fits like a glove!!

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    I really don't know... it came with the crib.

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    the one with the sheep

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    lol i have the same thing. my daughter seems to like it.

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    1 decade ago

    yes its fantastic :D

    well i have one but havent used it yett :/

    lol but it seem perfect to me.

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    when my son was little i bought all types. he still slept in my bed.

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