Single Girl Question?

I'm 15, and I'm lonely.

I have great friends, a supportive family, and I feel as though I've finally gotten my life on track.

From the time I was 8, I have been dealing with depression and eating disorders. For years, it got worse and worse. Between starving, purdging, overeating, cutting, and suicide attempts, life was misery for me.

Now, I'm in therapy, I'm on medication (It's working really well!), and MUCH more friendly and social!

I realize how much I have and am appreciative for it. However, there is a missing piece. I want a boyfriend. I know that I don't need one, that I am independant on my own, and that my self-worth is not determined by how much or how many boys like me. My mother is very feminist and has raised me that way. But, this doesn't mean that I don't want one. It only means that I don't need one. Please, don;t say "Just get a boyfriend!" I'm rather datin impaired and could use some help, step-by-step (where to go what to look for, etc.)

As silly as it might sound, I want a date to prom and to know what it feels like to be kissed by a guy and to be special in that way to another person. I know that I have the rest of my life to think about this and get offers and whatnot, but I feel that I have finally been able to love myself, so I can now be capable of loving someone else. That's why I gave you my back story.

I've gotten positive male attention a lot lately, but nothing that I want to persue. Flattering as it is, these boys are not the dating type (IE: "Nice ***" is not equivilent to "Hello" in my world).

I don't want this because everyone else is in a relationship, or for show, or to boost my ego. I want a relationship because I'm ready for one. I've gotten to a comfortable place and can now allow a guy into my life. I don't know what I'm doing or how to go about this or even what I'm saying.

I'm confused, a bit lonely (no, roomy is a beeter word. I have room for him in my life), and could use some advice.


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    If u need to talk I'm here

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    I have room in my him in my life and need some advice (sorry couldn't resist heh)

    Finding the right people usually means presenting yourself in a way that you attract the right people. Sure a low cut top or short shorts will get attention, but will it get the right attention?

    Think about your target audience!

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