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Why does everyone question Obama with drug use?

anyone with some common sense would know that he only tried cocaine in his early years. I say, at least he is man enough to admit that to the world before running for president.

Funny how everyone jumps on that but no one questions the fact that George Bush has been a cocaine user for some time now, Cindy McCain is on drugs, and Sarah Palin has a history, too.

Why is it only Obama that everyone wonders about?

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    I agree with you there. It is just typical republican double standards.

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    Now, how would "anyone with common sense" know that? You don't know, and I don't know whether he does or does not still use recreational or designer drugs. If you say you DO know, you either live with him 24/7 or its just conjecture. You also can't say with certainty that Bush "has been" a user "for some time"....implies current use...Again, you live with him? Likewise Cindy really have no clue that she is "on drugs". I have read nothing about Sarah Palin having a "drug history". How about cough up a link.

    Why does it bother you that people would accuse Obama of drug use? It should not matter to you since you are so cavalier about accusing other people of the same.

    Whatever. I think ALL politicians should be routinely and randomly drug tested in order to run for office and to keep that office if they are elected.

    If drug testing is important enough for Walmart, it damn sure should be important enough for our government.

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    It's the flippant way Obama talks about it - as though it's a normal part of growing up. Obama doesn't say or do anything to discourage kids from also experimenting. Bush talked about using drugs and alcohol. He followed it up with how it could have ruined his life and he had to get serious and get straight to accomplish anything. Obama makes it sound like somethting cool for teens to try.

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    You goofy liberals always get it backwards. Bush never used cocaine, and there is no proof that he did. However, Obama actually admitted that he did use it, and other drugs. You guys keep saying Bush is a user, which he isn't, but don't care if your guy is. Another hypocrite.

    Source(s): PS, I love the spell checker that keeps wanting to replace Obama with Osama! Lol...
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    Man....I'd love to see what scrips Laura Bush uses. Just look at the gloss on those eyes. You know she must wake up and have a bowl of Xanax every morning.......anything to kill the pain.

    Really.....with all the prescription drug use now, it's stupid to pretend that it makes a difference what someone did 20 years ago. Half these people are loaded off their *** right now.....forget the past.

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    I know! Cindy McCain is a drug addict...NOT a teen experimenter so you'd think the republicans would shut up about this

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    Actually I didn't know that and I try and dig up dirt on Obama quite often. Though I have heard about his nasty smoking Habit, but no ones made a big deal about it that I know of. I do know Palin used to smoke pot when it was legal in Alaska. Who cares anyway?

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    I seriously doubt your claims about the republican candidates. That's way out of line.

    I do however defend your point about Obama. I think this is a real small issue and real should not be bothered with.

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    I think Republicans are just getting tired of trying to find something wrong with they drag out that video about the police and free speech and this old story.

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    More concerned with his liberal socialist policies myself.

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