want to know the identity of this wasp has a 4 inch black stinger,1 inch wings,brown and yellow body.?

i found on my porch i live in pennsylvania

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    May be a stump-stabber. An ichneumon wasp has a long ovipositor that it uses to lay its eggs inside the bodies of grubs and boring beetle larvae in trees and stumps. The eggs hatch and the young wasp larva eat their way out of the body of their host. Sorry to tell you this while you were eating dinner.

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    There is not a single insect in existence today that has a stinger "four" inches long. And then, it's supposed to have only 1 inch long wings to hold up a large body with a 4" stinger hanging from it??? Something very strange here. I'm thinking that you are doing "just a little" over-exaggerating, eh ?

    The largest Wasp in the United States, especially one with a brown and yellow body, long wings, and a big stinger, is the Cicada Killer. So named, because this species of wasp depends on the Cicadas for its life cycle. It has to be big and powerful so it can overpower such large insects as Cicadas, paralyze them, then carry them off through the air to their nest where they lay an egg upon the hapless insect so the young larvae can feed and grow into a new adult wasp.

    These beautiful wasps fulfill a vital role in nature by also, along with birds, help to control the Cicada populations. The more Cicadas in a given area, the more Cicada Killers.

    Source(s): Professional Wildlife Cinematographer, Photographer, & Naturalist 36 years.
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    It's probably a species of ichneumon wasp, and the projection is indeed an ovipositor. The site I link to below shows ichneumon wasps in Pennsylvania.

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    that's not a wasp... it looks like one but I can assure you, it's harmless.

    I believe it is called an Aporus luxus. It is a large wasp-like insect but believe me, it is not dangerous and you do not have to worry about a big hornet's nest nearby

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    Sounds like the common "Milk-Wasp"

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    All I can tell you is it's not a stinger, it's an ovipositor.

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    it might be a carpenter bee. i had one in my window and i live in NY. they get really big!! and it freaked me out when i saw it.

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