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Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin?

Who do you feel will do well in this debate on Thursday, Oct.2, 2008 and why?

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    Joe Biden is going to show that he is ready to lead if need be on day one. In fact, he's ready to lead today. Palin is going to leave even the most die-hard republican wishing that McCain had picked anyone besides her as his running mate.

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    After the debates, almost half of viewers will say Biden won, and an equal number will say Palin won. The expectations are now so low for Palin that all she needs to do is to be able give reasonably coherent answers, and for her fans that would be victory. In fact, because Palin is not going to be a "game changer" in the presidential race, Biden doesn't have to do anything except be reasonably nice and competent.

    Because very little will actually happen in this greatly truncated debate format (at the insistence of the McCain team), I really do not expect brilliancy and fireworks. Biden will just play safe, and Palin will just barely make it through. Viewers expecting some kind of a dramatic showdown, going either way, are likely to be disappointed.

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    It depends on the questions. Joe Biden needs to take it slow, steady and statesman-like. He tends to be a bit 'ethusiastic' and will often beat a simple question to death under a barrage of verbage. That's his debating weakness. This is a guy who actually knows his stuff and understands that politics is the art of the possible. It's also a case that national politics have a component of the personal....all responsible politicians want to look good and they depend on their fellow politicians to lay off the personal as much as possible. Biden understands this complexity. In a political world where a large number of people demand a simple answer his job is to simplify. If he can, then he's golden. If not.....he may lose his audience. The current GOP by contrast has made an art of diminishing the opposition personally by allowing right wing radio to speak for them. Every democrat is a 'liberal' or a socialist or worse. I'm afraid that Palin has accepted that kind of political philosophy....questioning any deviation from reactionary politics as a case of America-hating. Should she appear to hold those kind of dogmatic views and not give nuanced and thoughtful answers to complex questions, then she'll be rightfully branded, just another right winger.

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    Joe B. Because by sheer Experience ALONE, He's THREE TIMES the "Woman" that Palin is... (And to show I'm not being "sexist"; Kay Bailey Hutchins, of Texas- who I DON'T like- would fare MUCH better against Biden, because she KNOWS WHAT she's debating !). So Joe Biden's gonna be VERY Nice to Palin on Thursday... And it's going to be very Obvious- WHY... :)

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    It will be interesting Biden has a history of putting his foot in his mouth and Palin is pretty new to politics so Im sure she will make some rookie mistakes.

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    Biden - Hands down! Palin has the experience of a blowfly and has no real accomplishments in her career.

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