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My 2 baby bearded dragons are offen very active but lately they have been floppy and sleep most of the time. The smaller one seems to be pulling through but the other doesn't want to eat or move.

I've herd of terminal ingestion but my dads a vet and he doesn't think it's that!

We think it may be Brumation but they still scramble against the glass and wake me up in the morning.

They userly eat 8-10 crickets a day and they are 10-11 months old.

I've got the big lizzard bathing in warm water incase it is terminal ingestion.


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    I would have to say that this is caused by the lack of calcium you supply them, and maybe your lights could be causing some of it. If you are feeding thm calcium check to make sure you have the proper uvb light so they can absorb it.

    Source(s): previous experiences and reptile hobiest
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    Are you dusting their crickets with calcium powder?? Bearded dragons don't usually brumate until after they reach a year old. My daughter and I have had a bearded dragon for 4 years and when he was a baby, he wasn't getting enough calcium and acted alot like what you described. It could also be a lack of UVB lighting. If your dad's a vet, then why don't you have him take a closer look at them??

    Source(s): My daughter volunteers at a local reptile rescue center and we have adopted many lizards over the years.
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    um dear is ur temp on hot spot abot 100 to 103 and cool spot 75 if so its not brumation try giving a rep of a calcium

    Source(s): employ of scales and have bread draggons
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    Check your equipment. One of the lights or heaters may have malfunctioned and caused the temperature to dip or spike and be uncomfortable.

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