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there's a couple red bumps in the back of my tongue and they were bleeding and they hurt. what could they be?

ive had these little bumps all over my tongue for a while that aren't really noticeable and dont really hurt. today the back of my tongue was hurting me and i saw some red bumps back there and when i pushed on them with my teeth they started to bleed a little. Also the roof of my mouth kind of hurts. could this be something i ate that made this do this or what? does this sound serious?

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    it could be 2 things - either sores from something you ate like sour candy, hot food, etc. or it could be some sort of std. i would say it is probably something you ate if that is your first gut feeling. you probably just ate some sour candy or something spicy and might have just caused a sore in your mouth. rinse your mouth out with salt water before you brush your teeth everyday. you should notice a difference if it is something like a canker sore or a sore from food. if it doesnt go away, go to the doctor. it doesnt sound too serious but if you dont take care of it it could become serious

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    I agree with the post above. But I wanted to add that if you have tori (areas of bone on your palate and below your tongue). If you eat something that is hard, it could scratch them and cause them to become irritated too. Most palates are arched, but if your palate comes down a little, that could be a torus.

    Mandibular torus (on the roof of your mouth)

    and maxillary torus (under your tongue)

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