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how to achieve my dream??????????????????

ok so i am a 16 yr old girl and i want to be a writer. I am so passionate about this but i don't know what to do to get started my mom being the amazing person she is has agreed to let me go to a boarding school that has a good literary arts program but i need to find one and i need to know how to get started on my journey to becoming a writer.

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    It's great that your mom let you go to that boarding school. If you are particularly interested in writing, you should read lots of books and observe the writing styles of all the different authors. (Not to mention you'll build your vocabulary!) Also, practice writing as much as you can and work hard! Good luck! :)

  • One step at a time.....if you Truly were meant to be a writer you will get there. I, for example, want to be more healthy physically. So, I took small steps and still am. For a few days, I drink much more water. Then, I start going for jogs around the block next week. Then I do a master cleanse. So you get the point!

    Hope I helped somewhat :):):)

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