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can you eat meat on a raw food diet?

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    Yes, you CAN eat meat on a raw food diet, indeed there are some raw-foodists who eat only raw meats/organ-meats and nothing else.Here's a FAQ:-

    The term "raw food diet" used to be used only for raw vegans, but a large number of ex-raw vegans then turned to some more recent raw animal food diets, due to nutritional deficiencies, so the term "raw food diet" now applies to any raw diet, in general.

    The issue re bacteria/parasites is way overblown, though. I mean, millions of people around the world regularly eat sashimi or ceviche(raw fish) or steak tartare, or even aged, raw meat dishes(such as the Inuit/Eskimos etc.) without any issues, and raw animal foodists report no problems with such. Food-poisoning etc. is really only an issue if you're eating intensively-farmed supermarket meat or canned or processed foods(I'm thinking of the current mass-food-poisoning scare about tainted pasteurised milk in China, as a classic example:-

    shortened to:-



    Source(s): Wikipedia/CNN
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    Raw Food Diet Meat

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    Though isn't the point of a raw food diet to keep additives and other processed crap out of your diet? Then I would say meat is fine because there isn't any additives.

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    120 Raw Food Recipes :

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    you can eat some meats raw, i wouldnt mess with chicken or pork though. check out for some recipes

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    Only if the meat is raw. Raw food doesn't include meat.

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    No, eating raw meat can cause worms to develop in your stomach. They continue to grow longer and longer each day until they fill up your entire stomach and you begin to vomit them.

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    eeww...wouldn't that mean you would be eating raw meat right? I guess you could but it would most likely make you ill. There's a reason they tell you to cook poultry, beef, and pork thoroughly.

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    Well, people eat raw fish as sushi all the time, so I would say you could eat that.

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