13/14th birthday party ideas please?!?

i need some b-day party ideas ULTRA fast! birthday in 2 weeks. i was planning to go to the beach, but im not that sure yet, any ideas at all pleasee!

im desperate for any ideas?!


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    1 decade ago
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    it matters what ur budget is.

    If u dont want to spend a lot of money you should get a group of friends, maybe 8-10 people and go to the beach or some other relaxing place at night time, bring a cake and some drinks and some fun teenage kind of games and some music and just relax and have fun :)

    If you want a big party,

    Invite HEAPS of ppl, get a DJ , and ask a friend with a big backyard and a pool if you could use her backyard/pool area as a party area. Then make a red carpet, hire strobe lights and heaps of other cool things to make an awesome red carpet party with a pool if its hot and heaps of people. It would be awesome. Sometimes if you want to cut down on the price you can have your party with someone else who has their bday close to yours


  • 4 years ago

    i could additionally recommend knight/princess. My brother and that i've got the same birthday precisely 2 years aside, so we had dissimilar mixed birthdays and this one replace into particularly effective. If the two your infants like crafts, you additionally could make a variety of dissimilar station party out of that too. easily do themed video games and events, however. video clips are no good for youthful birthday events.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You could do a Murder Mystery Game/Dinner. They sell the kits, you provide the pizza and a CD player. Lots of fun!



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