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Help about Implantation Cramping please?

Hi there, starting today i have felt period-ish cramping..i think (im not someone who gets period cramps)

They aren't overly painful, just annoying. Once and a while they will be sharp jabs in that area and then just pressure-like cramps.

Could it be implantation? I am only on on day 16 or 17 of my cycle. But I recently came off of nuvaring so im pretty sure it messed with my ovulation this cycle...I felt those ovulation pains I'v heard described about a week ago

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    i feel the same thing. i also got off the pill a month ago. i get these sharp pains, sometimes dull, around my stomach ( more of lower stomach ) i recently read that it takes a while for your cycle to go back to normal after being on birth control. when i was on my "non active pills" i usually get mother nature on the second day of my "green pills" but i didn't. i finished and still nothing. after that i stopped. pretty weird. i do get most of the pregnancy symptoms hoping that it's time to take a test but every time i do. it's a bfn. but anyway, good luck to you!

  • It's possible. If there is an embryo finding its way down then there is a lot of action happening.

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