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i need some serious advices..pls answer me seriously...?

im very inlove with this girl and she already have a 2yr old kid with his previous bf but that did'nt bother me to love her with my whole heart we've been together for 4 months we've rented a house and live together for three months i been very happy with her and same with her shes been very happy with me...but then financial problems comes along...i dont have any money to give her at that time and we dont have anyone to borrow money..except with my gf's boss who offered to lend us money...i know the guy and respect him and trusted him...and later that night my gf said after my gf's meeting with his boss she approach me and crying and saying her boss wont give the money...unless she'll have sex with him and then she agree with her boss because that night we dont have a single peso"by the way we live in the phillipines"to spend and her son is crying because theres no food left it's really heartbreaking for me to hear that because i feel useless and i feel that she cheated on me..i dont know what to do right i feel like im dying inside..and i have no one to talk to she's all ive got right now..what should i do please give me an advice that will clear things up..thanks in advance

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    am Very sorry 4 what u are going through,if u really love her as u have said just follow ur heart. she is the only person u can talk to.please tell her how u feel about what she did maybe she would like to talk about it too and u both will let that behind u and continue 2 love each other.she did what she had 2 do so u and the kid had something 2 eat that night and remenber she didnt hide from u, witch is mean she wont do it again....

    i wish i could write a proper english to tell u more.

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    Understand why she did that, she was only doing to basically keep herself and her son alive, to me that's worth it. it may be the worst way, but at least its a way. Try getting a job? I'm sorry but i don't know your problem in detail, but i know jobs make money! Sell some of your items too, that could work.. do anything, go out on the street and play the harmonica.. whatever, anything is worth it!

    Source(s): movies with the same sort of crisis.
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    well don't be mad at her.

    if she really needed money to feed her son then she pretty much had no choice either not get the $ and have her child starve or get the $ doing something she didn't want to do to help feed her child

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    tell her u LOVE HER am srry i didnt read wat u wrote

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