My hair won't take color ANYMORE?

okay so I have admittedly over processed my hair with out of the box bleaches and dyes and have only recently come across problems. Being as I am not in the hair industry I really don't know much about hair, and would use pantine to help with the damage. My hair is still very soft so I didn't think any damage was being done as far as holding color was concerned. However now I am finding that when i go to dye my hair the color just doesn't hold and it turns grey or a red grey. My friend suggested using powerful conditioners, but I really am just lost here, does anyone know a way to fix the damage other than growing my hair out? Because my hair is very slow and would take me years to get it back down to it's current length with is just at my shoulder. I hope people can help me and that all is not lost!!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    i dont know but my mom has been dying her hair for years and lately her hair isnt holding color anymore. it use to be a really vibriant red color and now it is just brown even though her stylist is still dying it the same red color. i guess you hair builds up immunity to dye if you do it for so long. =[ i would go to a salon and ask them for advice

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    go to your salon and they could definitely give you a straight answer.

    i've honestly never heard anything like that before.

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