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Dewey, shimmery make-up?

How do you get your skin to get that dewey, shimmery, kind of shiny look. Where the skin looks luminous and shimmery? I really want to know how to do this! Make-up product suggestions are fine.


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    It's hard to answer because I don't know HOW shimmery we're talking but I have two suggestions.

    If you're looking for regular dewey skin for day time... apply your makeup as usual. Then use a water spray (you CAN make a water/vitamin mix yourself and put in a spray bottle) BUT I highly recommend the profession aerosal spray canned water sprays because it's a nice thin mist. Let it soak into your skin and layer a few layers of this letting it dry in between.

    If you're looking for very dramatic shine then I would say the shimmers that look white in the bottle with flecks is your best bet. Just apply where you want to glisten (I haven't use this in YEARS since I hardly go out at night).

    Shine on!


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    - use moisturizer prior to applying liquid foundation


    - bronzing powder

    - highlighting powder

    - shimmery pastel colored creme makeup (blends really well so you can use it all over) or fine, loose powder (also easily blendable but not so easy to find now days)

    - and my absolute favorite - Cover Girl TruBlend mineral based loose powder. It has mica in it, which gives a nice, healthy looking dewy/shimmery type glow (assuming you don't over-apply - an issue a lot of people have when it comes to foundation). I can quite literally put this on and nothing else and shine like a star. :) Additionally you can use it to create targeted shimmer (like applying it to your cheekbones only). My usual routine using this technique is to moisturize, apply TruBlend whipped foundation, and then dust on the TruBlend mineral based loose powder on areas I want to shimmer (such as my cheekbones).

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    begin with a moisturiser before applying foundation.

    the dewey look is best acheived by highlighting the cheek bones.

    a good way to do this is by using a cream blush (NARS cream blush is great)


    purchase a loose powerder blush (mineral is best for the skin) mix one part power with two parts highlighting cream/base. This will transform your powder blush into a cream and looks amazing on the skin.

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    illuminating foundation and a little bit of highlighting powder on the cheekbones.

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