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Women's Baseball Jersey Present - Need girl help please?

Im getting a friend of mine a jersey for her birthday so i had her friend find out her sizes from her and they are: if fitted by shoulder Small/Medium, if fitted by waist Medium/Large. Its a custom jersey that would have her name on the back so its nonreturnable and i would hate for it to not fit right. can i get some advice(Not guesses) advice on which to get her.

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    I would opt for the larger size because it would be better to have it too big than too small. Your other option would be to find out if a gift certificate is available and get it for the exact amount and explain to her that you wanted to make sure it would fit then take her to have it made.

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    It takes only $25~30 on this site, why would you guys pay for hundreds dollars to get almost the same quality jerseys ???

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    7 years ago

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