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Sapphire Bombay...what does it taste like? and what would i mix with it?

I've seen it at bars and clubs and also at the bottle-o but have never tried it and want to know what it tastes like and what to mix with it? it just looks so pretty!

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    its a gin with 10 ingredients. its shown on the side of the bottle. alco percentage is 47%.consider a premium gin. well juniper berries give gin its characteristic. it will taste abit citrus too considering the citrus peels in it. unique ways of distilling and making it unlike other other gin, bombay sapphire is produced using a process called vapour infusion. its bontanicals are distilled instead of boiling together. distilled and vapour infuse.. the making of it is an art itself.

    you juz got to try it straight up to know the taste of it. its a good gin to do a martini. so enjoy..

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    It's Bombay Sapphire. It tastes like gin because... it's gin! It's one of the better, higher end gins. It isn't blue, the bottle is just blue like that. It doesn't taste good with anything in particular. Mostly I see people drinking it as a martini because if you're gonna just put it in a mixed drink, you might as well get a cheaper gin.

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    Gin is made with juniper berries so it's a rather dry, semi-herbal taste. Try a gin & tonic if you like dry. Another common sweeter drink mixer is to serve with Sprite, lemon juice & gin (a Hairspray).

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    1) tonic

    2) on the rocks

    3) straight up

    4) martini with olives or a twist

    I honestly think it's gross.

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    perfume. tonic. disgusting

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