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I have been asked to help with our church's fall bonfire this year and need some ideas...?

I have been put in charge of the games, since we didn't have any last year. We are bringing horseshoes, but I wanted to get some fresh ideas so I thought I would try this...thanks for your help!

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    good old fashion 3-legged race and/or burlap sack races.

    Marshmallows will probably be around - have a contest to see who can stuff the most marshmallows in their mouth at one time - or a marshmallow (or hot dog, or smore) eating contest.

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    me and my friends take tons of pics!!! i think we took a total of 230 once, lol. we also do this thing called star tipping, and what you do is, you all stand in a circle and hold hands, then one person gets in the middle and pics a star in the sky, the person then starts to spin while trying to stare at one star. when you think they are nice and dizzy, you tell them to stop spinning and then you instantly shine a light in their eyes and the fall over!!!!! its really funny. i hope i helped!!

    Source(s): my friends =]
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