Help with 2001 VW Beetle, Turbo?

I have a 2001 VW New Beetle, Turbo and while driving my kid on the freeway to the ER (long story but let's just say soccer & injury) the car made this intermittant beeping sound - kind of like if the door is not completely shut, or if you have the car in park & turned on and you open your door it has that elavator beeping sound. It did this mostly while doing 65mph, but then I had to take a frontage road (stopped traffic) and was going 30mph and it also did this sound. All doors were securely closed and I even checked to make sure the trunk was closed all the way (pulled over the 1st time it started making this sound).

Now we were in the ER for over 2-1/2 hours, and drove home on the freeway however the car did not make this sound.

Any ideas? I'd hate to take it to the local dealership since I was already screwed on the purchase of this thing. Any my own mechanic isn't up to snuff on VW's as he is an MB mechanic (he's willing to work on the VW just not as familiar with it as opposed to and SLK320 or ML320).

Thanks so much from all you mechanic guru's, especially those that know the VW Beetles!! :o)


The low coolant or overheating light did not come on, however, after we left the ER the overheating light, which usually goes off after driving a bit because the car is still cold, did go off & on about 3 times which it had never done. Usually it goes off after I have driven a short distance.

Now you mentioned the door lock module...when I first bought this car from a dealership (not VW) they asked if I wanted an alarm system because this car didn't come with one so I had them add it. When I went to the local VW dealership to get a key cut they asked why I had a secondary alarm put in, then did a few things & said something about the door lock alarm will eventually fail & should've been fixed by the dealership that sold it to me. And they did put this on their invoice. Now I'm wondering, if this is it since you brought it up! They said it would cost about $500 or so to fix.

By the way, this is the very 1st time this car has ever made this noise otherwise it's been a decent car.

Update 2:

mchaz60 - I'm not that stupid! I've been driving longer then you've probably been alive. Absolutely no lights are on.

It did it this morning sitting at a stop light. It's the same sound that it makes when I first turn the car on before I pop the seat belt....only thing is the seat belt is engaged, no lights are on, etc. I did this for about 1/2 a mile then stopped.

It's possessed!

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    Could be a couple of things - the first thing I would check would be both front door modules. It may think a door is opened when it is not - this is a common problem with these. A quick way to check is to open each door and look at the little red light at the rear of the door panel - if the light does not come on when opening the door - that particular door module is probably bad and needs replaced. Once in a while it could just be the bulb so I would pop the lens off and check the bulb to be safe. If bulb is ok then get the door lock module replaced. The door module is actually the lock actuator and door latch all in one unit. There are other symptoms when the lock modules go bad but the light is usually the first to go. You can also see if the dome light above comes on when door is opened. Another possibility is the low coolant or overheat light - if either of these come on then you will get a beep. You didn't mention any lights though. Good luck!

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    Normally when the things that you just described happens on a car like yours it is called being in "limp mode". When there is a problem with the ECU also known as the engine computer, the system is designed to go in that type of mode just enough to make the vehicle run so you can make the repairs neccesary to the car. Take it to a vw dealer only!!!!..... and if your a woman, dont go by yourself. Take a male figure with you so they wont give you the run around. The dealership is the only reliable source to have the system properly checked. and if the dealer you went to is not an esclusive vw dealer only then you made another mistake. There are other car dealers that sell vw's and work on them as well but it wont sufice. Remeber.....Exsclussive vw dealer only. thats all they sell there. Good luck.

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