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What type of swimsuit for my body type?

I'd appreciate some help deciding what type of swimsuit would be suitable for my body type. Also, what is my body type? Like hourglass, pear, apple

Ok Small bust, Small waist

big stomach and hips

average legs.

any help would be appreciated!

so would links for photos


Oh btw im buying swimmers cuz i live in australia and summers coming

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    You are a pear.

    Pear Shapes: Some women are naturally born with pear shapes, and other women develop these shapes after pregnancy. Regardless of the reason behind the pear shape, women with pear shapes often have a difficult time shopping for flattering swimsuits. However, there are certainly swimsuits out there that will not only conceal the undesirable characteristics of a pear shape but play up the good characteristics, as well. Try a one-piece swimsuit or tankini that pairs a lighter, eye-grabbing top with darker, more subdued bottoms. A low-cut or plunging neckline will draw even more attention to the bust. Also, remember to look for swimsuits with high-cut legs in order to slim the hips and thighs.



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    according to the second website:

    The triangle, also called the pear-shape

    If your hips are large compared to your shoulders, you need more emphasis on the top part of your body. Wear solid colors on the bottom. You can wear one or two- piece suits. Halter tops are good choices, as are high- necked suits and bar shoulders. Avoid high-cut legs as they will emphasize the hips.

    check the website out above I just created these for you.

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    Your a Pear (bottom heavy).

    Boyshorts and a triangle top would be cute on you. You need to down play your lower half and make your upper body look bigger.

    Wear a print on top to bring the eyes up and a solid on bottom.

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    Pear shaped- take a look at Self magazine- they usually have some kind of advice as to what looks best on your physique.

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  • Anonymous
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    Your a pear body shape. beyonce is a good example of that.

    And a swim suit which covers the stomach but shows off your legs is a really good suit for your shape

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    a regular string bikini or a cute one peice with a low back, but the cold season is coming, why are you getting a swimsuit?

  • 1 decade ago

    defiantly pearr oh and if u want bigger bobbs to like even out ur body get a ruffled top and a plain bottom allso try diderent colors like a multi colored top and a plain one color bottom

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    sound like me its called pear shape.

  • 1 decade ago

    your a pear and you should wear a one piece

  • 1 decade ago

    how is it possible to have small waist but big stomach and hips? but to answer your question.... the sexy kind ;)

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