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please translate Latin-English?

Please translate Latin-English: Flectere si nequeo supros, infernos elevabo.

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    "If I cannot bend Heaven, I will raise Hell."


    "flectere" = "to bend"; see "nequeo", below.

    "si" = "if".

    "nequeo" = "I cannot": 1st person present singular of "nequire" = "to be unable"; "flectere nequeo" = "I am unable to bend".

    "supros" (or more commonly "superos") = "Heaven"; accusative case, i.e. object of the verb "flectere nequeo".

    "infernos" = "Hell"; accusative case, i.e. object of the verb "elevabo".

    "elevabo" = "I will raise": 1st person future singular of "elevare" = "to lift/raise".

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    Check your wording - 'supros' does not appear to be a valid Latin word.

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    Garwy is right, not only in the translation (you could say "by" instead of "through"), but also in that sounds like a motto. Just FYI, the infinitive (conficere) is a perfectly acceptable shortened form of the 3rd person pluaral, perfect active past tense.

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  • 6 years ago

    flectere [the elect, demons] si nequeo superos [by name appear], infernos [order] elevabo [rank]

    non dabitur regnis [but none reign], esto, prohibere [except probably] Latinis [Satan exactly],

    atque immota [the immortals] manet [think] fatis Lauinia [fanciful theory] coniunx [connections beautiful fancies then]

    here is a list of names (hell demons) in order of rank and none of them are established except for Satan himself. Sometimes the gift of immortality can concoct such fabrications, such as lists of demon names....= Are nothing but the fancies of immortals by which nations cede or are sacked, truly the blood of Troy is red: the proof.

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    I'm sorry,I havent taken Latin, I know infernos means hell... and i think elevabo means to put above, kind of like worship

    im sorry im not much help

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    and go to translate

    it will translate it for you


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