I can't use any search engine due to a virus!!! Help!!!?

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I'm a huge fan of google. unfortuatly I can't use it due to a virus.... My brother was looking for a way to watch free movies on the internet... so he went on some websiter I've never ...show more
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Try virus cleaning in Safe Mode, by tapping F8 during boot. If you can't get it clean that way, reformat the computer.
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  • lukaj2003 answered 6 years ago
    If you know the name of the virus you could search for removal instructions on the internet (on a different computer).
    If your computer is heavily infested, you could do a system restore from a date before your computer got infected. System restores are useful but you might still have some traces of the virus, so if you do a system restore make sure you scan your computer fully.

    The virus might be redirecting your web searches through a registry entry, so you could open the registry editor (Start>Run>regedit) and find your browser and look through the registry for any suspicious entries. If you don't already, upgrade to Firefox, in version 3 it will warn you about dangerous sites.


    Had my share of viruses too!
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  • Brett M answered 6 years ago
    First off calm down. Second don't let your little brother use your computer to "looking for a way to watch free movies on the internet".

    1. Backup all files to a external hard drive. DON'T copy any of the system files, just pictures and stuff like that.

    2. There are many other anti-virus programs out there, but many viruses are beyond them. I would reinstall (completely erase the drive), it will be the easiest solution without taking it to a "tech" guy.

    People get bent out of shape about reinstalling. It is supposed to be done every year anyways.



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  • wiiρlυѕ answered 6 years ago
    Download ComboFix here and follow the instructions:

    If your computer is that messed up, the only way to fix it up would be to use ComboFix. Very powerful tool ^^

    DJ Wings: All that software you recommended, erm, suck badly. Yeah... you'd barely be able to visit a site without getting a drive-by download infection with that junk.
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  • Chris R answered 6 years ago
    I had the identical problem. I had to do a recovery of my computer which turned out not to be so bad. Backup all your documents to CD and do a recovery or reinstall. Just put your cd in and follow the instructions Once I did this I installed Bitdefender and it found 6 more trojans in "my backup files" and deleted them. You probably have "anti virus 2008" which is a trojan, it stopped all my processes, couldn't update or do system-restore, constant redirects, etc.

    Good luck.
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  • DJ Wings answered 6 years ago
    Use another computer and a big flash drive to get a antivirus software, I highly advise Norton Corporate Edition and Lavasoft Adaware SE Personal and WIndows D to fully protect the computer.

    You can be so secure that you could surf porn for 2 hours and not have a problem.
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