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Difference in TAC-Ps and STS?

I know they are different, but how exactly are TAC-Ps and Combat Controllers different?

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    TACPs are mainly conventional, that means the vast majority of TACPs support US Army conventional infantry units. There are some SOF (Special Operations Force) TACPs, but they are few and far between.

    CCTs are all Special Operations, and therefore, work mainly with US SOF groups .. Army SF, Navy SEALs, etc.

    TACPs are trained to call CAS (close air support) and advise and assist the Army in it's use. The majority don't need schools like HALO, combat diver, etc. Their main focus is making sure the Army can get the Air Force close air support when it needs it.

    CCTs are trained to go in and set up and control Assault Zones with an ATC capability, ie, they can control the aircraft in the air. CCTs can call in CAS too, but they don't eat, sleep and breath CAS like TACPs do. All CCTs, due to their mission and support with SOCOM must have basic airborne, HALO, SCUBA and various other infil/exfil training.

    These are basic differences, there are others .. but this should give you a good idea.

    If you want to find out more on both visit these sites:

    For CCT

    For TACP

    Source(s): USAF PJ assigned to a STS.
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