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Ali Velshi on CNN...Sexy or not?

I'm posting these pictures because many people don't know about this diamond in the rough! Love love love his Anderson Cooper reporting. Witty, informative, smart n sexy. Tells you business like it is.

Ladies (and men too), give me some input! This guy needs to be on weeknights all the time!!

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    Why, yes. Yes he is! I enjoy watching him. OK, OK, not because he's handsome (just as Anderson Cooper) but because he's quite knowledgeable.

    I was amazed to see him out reporting on Hurricane Ike. I almost didn't recognize him in rain gear and without the suit.

    Great observation!

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    I just answered one about him recently! I discovered him first!

    I always tease my bf that if I ever ran off with another man it would be Miles O'Brien or Ali, heehee.

    An intelligent man is a sexy man.

  • truth
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    No he looks like daddy warbucks

  • *
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    1 decade ago

    I'm not familiar with him. He's kind of cute!

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  • 1 decade ago

    No. He looks like a penis.

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