Need help connecting sat reciever-dvd player-surround sound receiver to hdtv?

I would like to get surround sound from all components and correct video. The exact models I have are: Directv Sat hr22......Oppo dvd player

surround sound receiver which has 3 hdmi inputs and one out, and finally Samsung

Ln40a650 hdtv....with at least 3 hdmi inputs. Also the sat rcvr has optical audio

ad well as the dvd player. I'm soooooo confused.....PLEASE HELP!

Thank YOU

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here's the best way to connect them...

    1. Run HDMI cables from your Sat Rcvr and DVD player to your TV. (This will allow you to adjust the video settings (black level/contrast/color/etc.) independently for each source (which can be very important.)

    2. Run an optical audio cable from the optical audio OUTPUT on the Samsung to an optical INPUT on your Sony.

    If there's no sound from your Sat Rcvr, check the settings & make sure it's set to pass audio over HDMI. If there is no such setting (I'm not familiar with that unit), then run an optical cable from the Sat receiver's output to an input on the Sony.

    Source(s): I have the same TV and DVD player.
  • isador
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    3 years ago

    If I understand you wisely, you have a embody device and a receiver and the embody device is indepnedent ( powers its own embody audio device). you are able to connect it to the Receiver yet you maximum probably wont get the embody sound you like because of the fact the embody Sound device is designed to do each and all the processing. It probable doesnt have an Optical or Coaxial out audio output. that could be the sole way uou might desire to do what you wanted.

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