Can anyone help me translate this sentence to Latin?

The hope of the citizens on Circe's island lay in being released from her spell.

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    You can't say it like that in latin, so we have to rearrange the words a bit.

    Spes civum qui in insula Circis sunt in eis a incantato eius dissolvendis sedit.

    Litterally: The hope if the citizens who are on circe's island sits on them being released from her spell.

    If you wanted to say the hope lay in ME being released from the spell, because I am the one who will save them, then you have to change eis and dissolvendis to:

    me = me... dissolvendo (if boy), dissolvenda (if girl)

    you = te... dissolvendo/a, (plural) vobis... dissolvendis

    him = eo... dissolvendo

    her = ea... dissolvenda

    us = nobis... dissolvendis

    If you have any questions or concerns, or even if you would like any more latin help in the future, feel free to e-mail me! :)

    Source(s): Latin Student.
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