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What do you know about Genetically Modified Foods,etc?

Can you tell me all you know about Gm Foods.

Please don't hesitate to tell me EVERYTHING you know:P

I just basically want to know:

-economic value[including all other types of values, etc]

-why people don't like it

-why people do like it

- the harms from it/dangers[health wise]

-the advantages/benefits from it

-how its done

-what the government does about it/says about it, etc.

-why people created GM foods

-the types of GM foods

-how it helps or destroys the environment

-all the issues about it

-every ones opinion

Thank you:D

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    I know of one food so far that has been marketed and is now being sold. It is made by the same company that produces round-up; and the corn we grow that is resistant to pesticide. This new food is called the new leaf potato. It produces a chemical in every cell of the plant that kills the colorado potato beetle. The chemical occurs in the soil naturally. It is good, but also bad. We don't know if the food has side-effects because it hasn't had a study done on it yet, and yet they are being sold by mcdonalds. They are good because they are not having to saturate the soil it is grown in with fungicides, and pesticides, and other environmentally bad chemicals, but it is also going to give the beetles that survive an advantage and they will become resistant to the bacteria. The companies also don't take into concideration that the bees and other insects could take the pollen that is filled with the insecticide and kill off the colonies. But there are other GM foods I have heard of that don't harm the environment, such as tomatoes that have been crossbred with trout to withstand the cold, and tobacco that was corssed with a firefly to produce a glowing plant. it is a good and a bad thing, it just depends on how it is used.

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