How would this federal spending freeze effect me?

SO at the debate on Friday McCain mentioned putting a 'spending freeze' on all federal government spending. I don't really understand what that means or what it would do to government organizations.

I work for a non profit organization doing water quality research through a grant provided by the USDA (a federal agency). How would such a spending freeze affect my job? Since you have to re apply for grants every few years would we even be able to renew our grant and continue our Research? what about other government programs like headstart, disaster relief, insurance etc? aren't there things more important to this country than war??? i am really confused as to how anyone can think this is even almost a good idea.

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    It means no spending increases, All current spending stays the same (until the budget can be widdled down (all fed employees will have pay freezesn no raises as well etc... . So don't gouge when asking for your grant. Ask for what you received in the past..... All programs will continue to have funding but the funding will not be increased , it will stay at current levels....

    Many corporations and even school districts have had to freeze spending to avoid laying off employees. It simply means no increases, and probably each department will have to supply a line item budget to get approval. So no more copying your kids soccer schedule for the team at work, things as little as that will be looked at.

    My company did it last spring and it saved everyones jobs. All salaries and budgets were froze at current levels and with a few months of operating at those levels we all were conscience of our departments spending and each found little cuts we could make that added up to huge amount... My company was originally going to cut employees until we all agreed to take the pay freezes and the department heads agreed to take the budget freezes.

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    It might affect you but it wont effect you.

    There will be no 'freeze' on spending. The government would have to shut down if all spending by the government were to be stopped.

    I don't think McCain, despite his many shortcomings, is so stupid that he thinks spending could be stopped. He probably meant that it should be curtailed.

    I don't even expect spending to go anywhere but 'up, up and away!!!'

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    3 years ago

    guy did he ever hit that nail on the pinnacle. I agree, he desires to freeze the spending until each and every section may well be examined. there is plenty waste in government that if it have been corrected, I guess there could be adequate money obtainable, we would not have any ought to borrow from China. I purely love the lack of know-how of people who have not any answer for a question, yet they are rapid to acceptable grammar. I guess maximum of them quite graduated ninth grade.

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    If you repealed the income tax, Americans would be 25-40 % wealthier, meaning you wouldn't need more government grants.

    Source(s): Government is basically a small group of criminals stealing money from the majority all under the guise of Democracy, Freedom, and Civil Liberty
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