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What about these names?

I’m currently trying to get pregnant (and thinking positive) so I'm thinking about baby names. These are the names I like, so far. Let me know what you think would go good together. And yes, I know the girls’ names are either unisex or masculine sounding – that’s the type of girls’ names I like. Feel free to suggest other names – but I won’t use cutesy, girly names or names that are misspelled. Thanks for any suggestions!!

























I just wanted to address the person who said it would be "selfish" to give a girl a more masculine name because she might grow up to be super girlie.

Every parent is selfish. We pick names that we like. Parents name their daughters Kayla Tiffani but that doesn't mean she'll be girlie. She could grow up to be a huge butch tomboy. The parents who named her Kayla weren't being mean, they just picked a name they like.

And yes, a girl with a more masculine name can get teased - but face it, people are mean. If your child isn't teased because of her name then it will be about her clothes or her hair or something else - because kids tease.

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    From your girls' list, I like Quinn and Riley the best. If you're using a masculine-sounding first name, I think it's a good idea to pair it with a feminine middle name, though it doesn't have to be over-the-top cutesy. Something like Quinn Alexandra, Riley May, or Riley Catherine would be nice. Finley, Elliot, and Kennedy also work well on girls. You might consider something like Finley Elizabeth, Elliot Grace, and Kennedy Scarlett. I like combinations like this because they work well whether your daughter turns out to be a tomboy or a girly-girl. You're right in pointing out that we DON'T know the way our children will turn out; that's why it's good to give them balanced names.

    From your boys' list, I like Quintin, Bradley, and Ellison. Quintin Bradley, Ellison Bradley, and Bradley Harrison would be great combinations.

    Best wishes to you, and good luck getting pregnant! I hope it happens for you soon. Definitely keep thinking positive!

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    On your list, I really like Quinn for a girl. Here are some combos you might like:

    Harper Quinn

    Harper Louise

    Devin Spenser

    Emerson Quinn

    Quinn Orion

    For boys:

    Bennett Alexander

    Everett Jackson

    Harrison Bradley

    Quintin Matteo

    Maximus Jackson

    Good luck!

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    I love Eliott for a boy, but not a girl. But I like girly names, with masculine nicknames for some. Like Alexandra, but Sasha for a nickname, or my one of my choices- Nicolae- will be my second daughter's middle name. It's pronounced like the masculine Nicolai (rhymes with the word eye), and I would spell her nickname the boy's way- Nicky. Sence I felt some of your names on your list for girl's were overused, this is the suggestion I'm giving. For a boy, I like Bradley or Eliott, with Eli for short.

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    Go with Riley or Quinn

    I wouldn't use the other names because they sound like boys names and now a days she'll get made fun of. Sorry!

    For boys-

    Spencer, Harrison, or Bradley.

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    Riley and Kennedy are cute girl names! Jackson and Alexander are my favorite boy names from your list.

    Good luck! How about Bailey for a girl or Simon for a boy? They seems to fit the kind of names you like

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Riley for girl n bradley for boy. But please consider ur baby girl's feeling, specialy when they've grown up. How people may tease her boyish name. What if she is not a tomboy kind a girl? This is ur daughter's future of life. Don't be selfish by thinking only what u like. Someday ur child will hate u for doing it. If u want to be a good parent, u better make up ur mind to always wanna give ur child a beautiful n happy life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Elliot Carter

    Riley Devin

    Emerson Quinn

    Devin Parker

    Kennedy Spencer

    Ellison Finley


    Jackson Quintin

    Bradley Harrison

    Spencer Hamilton

    Ellison Alexander

    I love your girls they are very unique and creative

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    Those are ALL boys names. There are plenty of very nice girl's names that aren't girly and "cutesy." What about Sybil, or Ingrid, I've been told several times not to use those because they're not feminine enough.

    For boys I like Alexander, it's the only one that's not a surname.

  • You have Finley twice on the girls names list, so I'm assuming you like it twice as much as the others. Go with Finley.

    For boys, you should definitely do Harrison.

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    Girls- Riley and Kennedy

    Boys- Jackson and Alexander

    These are GREAT NAMES!

    good choice!

    The best of luck

    Source(s): Lindsey-my 6 year old
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