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I had blue eyes, now they're green!?

I had blue eyes until I was at least 4 - 5 years old, now they're green. Is that even possible? I know that most babies are born with blue eyes, and then sometimes they change. But that change supposedly happens only months after, not years. Both my parents have blue eyes, all my siblings have blue eyes, my aunts, uncles and cousins all have blue eyes. But I've got green. So can someone please explain the reason for this to me?

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    It depends upon the shade of green and blue but generally what you perceive as a change in color is a reaction to what you are wearing.

    However there are occurrences of complete change, for example myself, When I was born my eyes were grey like most babies, after a few months they darkened to a pretty shade of violet <i have pictures to prove my parents thought it was too cool> When I was 5 my brother accidentally spilled some gasoline in my eyes and they are now green or hazel because they change color in a range from yellow to blue

    I cannot say it is because of the gasoline I just know that is when it happened eye color is a recessive gene if you are really worried go see an ophthalmologist but my guess is they are going to say it just happens sometimes <barring some kind of serious medical condition..

    hope this helps

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    eco-friendly or Hazel eyes, distinctly while they might exchange hues somewhat with in spite of Eye Shadow or shirt I placed on. My Hazel eyes have flecks of Gold & a tiny little bit of gray! My eye are my popular function!!

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