Bonuses in the military?

If you qualify for a bonus, when should you expect to see it?

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    Enlistment Bonuses are given usually at the graduation of AIT (Army) to first term soldiers.

    Subsequent Bonuses are based on the length of re-enlistment and the needs of the Army... ie. A medic which the army says its short of give a SRB factor of 2.5 x How many years x Base Pay....SO this would mean for a SPC roughly 2.5 x 6 = 15 x 1400.00 = 17,000$ for the 6 years. The Army publishes the SRB factor monthly and lists those specialties that qualify.

    There usually are no bunuses for career soldiers (10 years+) but the military have been changing their philosophy on this since more and more soldiers are getting out of the army past the 10 year mark, especially due to the war.

    Soldiers that re-enlist in a combat zone get their bonus tax free.

    Also recently some officer specialties have been getting 25, 30 and 35,000 retention bonuses for and additional 3 year commitment.

    in addition, many many medical specialties get additional bonuses to offset their pay to their civilian counterparts.

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    What I saw...

    after the individual arrived at their first base they received 1/2 of their enlistment bonus (minus takes) and annual installments over the rest of their contract.

    Source(s): computed bonuses for 8 yrs
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    You will have to read your contract and find out. You will more than likely get a payment after basic and AIT are complete and then installments after that.

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    1 decade ago

    it laid out in your see part of it after you complete basic and AIT training. the rest is spread out over the length of your contract.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You get half at the successful completion of AIT. After that, it will be paid in equal parts on your anniversary date..............

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