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how do i go to yahoo chat?

i want to chat on yahoo

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    chat not messenger? you just go to and press "mail" now that your on the mail page don't press ANYTHING yet then hit the "c" on your keyboard it will take you to this. then enter a buddy then chat it up! but first you have to give me your yahoo id. then i can enter it and chat with you and tell you more about chat! so give me your email. email me at

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    Keep friends at your fingertips with Yahoo! Messenger

    To enter a chat room, look for "Yahoo! Chat" in your Messenger menu. Then select the topic you want to discuss to join a room

    *Important: When you enter a chat room in Yahoo! Messenger, the Yahoo! ID you choose as your identity will be visible to other Yahoo! users that are in the same room. If you do not wish to display your primary Yahoo! ID in a chat room, we recommend that you create an alternate Yahoo! ID for use in chat rooms.

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