hi just wondering what wildlife their was in lanzarote as i am going their in a month on holiday and love wildlife. Any information on wild life i would appreciate it. any venomous spiders,snakes.....etc lol im hoping to find something interesting when im their and may help if i know what i am looking for. lol thanks in advance =)


ive looked on google but i cant find anything

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    There really isn't a lot of wildlife variety, because the young volcanic landscape hasn't yet developed a very diverse ecosystem. Most of what you'll see are birds and lizards.

    Perhaps the most famous species on Lanzarote (aside from the camels that were introduced by settlers) is the blind crab that lives in the cave of Jameos del Agua:


    Although the animals are not all native to the island, you might be interested in the Guinate Tropical Park:


    Also, here are some general links to the flora and fauna of the island:




    Source(s): traveled to Lanzarote last fall
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  • mcken
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    3 years ago

    Lanzarote Wildlife

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  • orocio
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    3 years ago

    I went to Lanzarote in 2005, it incredibly is a ways nicer than fueteventura! In Lanzarote there at the instant are not any homes allowed over 2 storeys i think of it incredibly is, so there at the instant are not any extensive super lodges. Drove around Costa Teguise it somewhat is incredibly relatively, nicely development clever as Lanzarote is relatively plenty a barren rock! lol good issues to do, Do volcano bypass to bypass to Caesar Milans abode it somewhat is outfitted out of a lava bubble! there is super underground caves etc. As you possibly accrued i do no longer do sunbathing! i could bypass returned to Lanzarote day after today given 0.5 a raffle.

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  • rae
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    1 decade ago

    wow it's a pretty small island parts of the african mainland would have a lot more but then i could be wrong. how about checking the web/google.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    everytime ive been ive only really seen cocraoches and little lizards.

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