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experience with framesdirect? purchasing eyeglasses online? sizing?

I am thinking about purchasing eyeglasses online because theres a lot more selection online and its less expensive.. i'm thinking about purchasing from frames direct...does anyone have any experience with purchasing glasses from them?

Also, my current glasses right now are 50-16-130 (size) does this mean that i can only look for glasses that have those exact measurements? I tried on glasses today that i believe are 52-17-135 and they fit perfectly... so i'm just wondering if the measurements are that important if they're just a few #s off?

I'm also thinking about just purchasing the frames online and getting my lenses done somewhere else, is it cheaper to just get my frames and lenses done online? I'm just afraid the lenses won't be exactly what i want and purchasing the frames only will already save me a lot of money.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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    Ordering online is a much better option as it's way less expensive. I have ordered from FramesDirect before, and it was easy to order, but I ended up having to return them and they charged me this crappy 15% refund charge, which was total balony. So watch out for that there.

    My mom ordered her glasses from and she was really happy with them. They even let you do a free trial so you can try them on first to see if you like them. There are no lenses in them, of course, it's just so you can try them on.

    As for the sizes, that's just the size of the frames that is listed. So it doesn't have to be the exact same size on your new frames. You will likely just find that if you stick close to those numbers, you should find frames that will suit your face.

    There's an explanation on this page:

    Look at the "More Info" link next to where the size is listed under the picture.

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    you definitely need to try before you buy as not only it needs to fit size wise, but also for the look. you dont buy glasses that often, why not invest in something that you love and fits well.

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