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幫忙這些英文造句 3Q

請幫忙寫以下形容詞的中文解釋 並用這個形容詞的比較級來造句。謝謝

1. (tall 高) I'm taller than she is. (舉例)

2. (thin )

3. (quiet )

4. (funny )

5. (outgoing )

6. (serious )

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    1. ex1: Joe is as tall as Lanny. (喬與闌尼一樣高)

    2: She is five feet tall. (他身高五英尺)

    3: That's a tall tale. (那是無稽之談)

    2. ex1: She looks thinner than before. (她看上去比過去瘦了)

    ex2: He has thin hair. (他頭髮稀疏 )

    ex3: The air became even thinner when I climbed to the top of

    the mountain. (我爬到山頂時,空氣變得更加稀薄了)

    ex4: Her speech sounded rather thin. (她的演講聽上去頗為空洞)

    ex5: Don't cut the breat too thin. (別把麵包切得太薄)

    ex6: Care thinned her cheeks. ( 憂慮使她面頰瘦削 )

    ex7: The wine has been thinned with water. ( 這酒已用水稀釋 )

    ex8: His hair is thinning. ( 他的頭髮變少了 )

    3. ex1: Be quiet! ( 安靜! )

    ex2: The sea was quiet before the storm struck.

    ( 暴風雨來襲前海面很平靜 )

    ex3: He was a quiet man who didn't let small things upset him.

    ( 他是個性格平和的人,從不為小事生氣 )

    ex4: I'd like a few hours of quiet after the day's work.

    ( 一天工作下來我想有幾小時的安靜 )

    ex5: They finally succeeded in quieting her.

    ( 他們終於使她平靜下來 )

    ex6: The wind quieted down. ( 風靜了下來 )

    4. ex1: That's the funniest joke I've ever heard.

    ( 那是我所聽過的最風趣的笑話 )

    ex2: I heard a funny noies. ( 我聽到一個奇怪的聲響 )

    ex3: He felt funny all day yesterday.

    ( 昨天一整天他都覺得不舒服 )

    ex4: The guard warned his prisoner not to try anything funny.

    ( 獄警警告囚犯不要耍什麼花招 )

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    6. serious---His error is serious. ( 他的錯誤很嚴重 )

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    1. The boy is tall , but the girl is taller. →這個男孩是高的,但是


    2.( 薄或瘦 ) Which one is thiner ? →哪一個比較薄/瘦?

    3.( 安靜的 ) The cat is quieter than the dog. →這隻貓比這隻狗安靜

    4.( 好笑的 ) They are funnier then me. →他們比我好笑

    5.( 外出的 ) Dad is outgoing longer than Mom. →爸爸外出的比媽媽久

    6.( 嚴重的 ) The typhoon is destory more serious than the



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    2.(瘦的 )I am thinner than Jenny.

    3.( 安靜的)Class A is quieter than class B.

    4.( 有趣的)Her joke is funnier than yours.

    5.( 外向的 直率的)Lisa's personality is more outgoing than yours.

    6.(嚴重的)My company's damage is more serious than his.

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    2. (thin--薄的;細的;瘦的 )

    She looks thinner than before.

    3.(quiet --安靜的;輕聲的;沈默的)

    Why can't you be more quiet?

    4. (funny --有趣的;滑稽可笑的;愛開玩笑的)

    That's the funniest joke I've ever heard.

    5. (outgoing--直率的 )

    You are much more outgoing than your father is.

    6. (serious--1.嚴重的;危急的;令人擔心的;2.嚴肅的,莊嚴的 )

    This is the most serious flood disaster in the history.

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