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急"中翻英。。9月28日6:30以前 15點







6.必須做點事來防止流浪狗(stray dog)被殺(kill)




以上可以盡快回答,真的很急...15點 時間結速以前回答才可以得點...拜託各位ㄌˊˋ


請問音速小子 你是國中生ㄇ?

Update 2:

失禮一下,這是自己寫的嗎? 還是查電腦或工具的?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Heavy rain caused severe flooding and landslides (mudslide)

    2. By well-prepared, we do a successful concert

    3. Sometimes during the typhoon, electricity (power) may be suspended

    4. The taxi driver (driver) is the latest news on radio

    5. My mother asked me not to drink too many soft drinks (soda)

    6. Have to do something to prevent stray dog (stray dog) were killed (kill)

    7. This can be sent to the television tomorrow me?

    8. You have been bitten by dogs before?

    9. Mountain house will be destroyed as a result of landslides

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Rainstorm caused severe flooding and mudslide.

    2. Thanks to thorough preparation, the concert we organised was

    very successful.

    3. Power supply may occasionally be cut off during a typhoon.

    4. The taxi driver was listening to the weather updates on the radio.

    5. My mother does not allow me to drink too much soda.

    6. Something has to be done to prevent stray dogs from being killed.

    7. Could you deliver this television set to me tomorrow?

    8. Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

    9. Houses on the slopes will be destroyed in a landslide.

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