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    amative :(形) 戀愛的; 喜歡異性的(與愛情有關,有情愫的)

    Amative:adj. showing love, pertaining to love, Full of love; Relating to or inclined toward love, displaying love


    Well, poetry has been amative, or something of that sort.

    His amative enthusiasm, at which he is himself laughing, and his clever, imaginative, humorous ways, contrast strongly with the sincere tenderness and dignified quietness of the woman.

    His endearments were not amative or effete, but manly like Churchill's, and gave one a sense of being singled out, of having value.

    An amative Human rogue wanted to kiss a female Hunter.

    Amative Orientation: The Hormonal Hypothesis Examined.

    Your soothing amative breaths.


    amatory: (形) 愛情的; 色情的; 戀愛的(與性關係有關,情慾方面)

    amatory:adj. induced by sexual love or desire; pertaining to love or lovers; showing love relating to or induced by sexual love or desire, typical of physical love ,sexual love


    Seductive Forms: Women's Amatory Fiction From 1684 To 1740

    Amatory fiction has also been described as a "seduction narrative"

    he compares his girlfriend's amatory technique

    amatory potions

    amatory adventures

    an amatory mood

    an amatory embrace

    a Latin amatory poet

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    Both mean the same.

    See http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/amatory


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    Amatory (adj.):

    1. Of, relating to, or expressive of love, especially sexual love, 色慾的, 色情的: an amatory mood; an amatory embrace; her amatory affairs

    2. Of or pertaining to lovers or lovemaking; expressive of love, 戀愛的, 愛情的: amatory poems; an amatory look.

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    Amative (adj.):

    1. Relating to or inclined toward love, especially sexual love; amorous. 色慾的,色情的: an amative mood; an amative affair

    2. Inclined toward or displaying love; "feeling amorous",戀愛的:

    amative poems; an amative glance.

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