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本論文按時代先後,對《漢文臺灣日日新報》「大冶一爐」、《台灣藝苑》「台灣國風」序言、《三六九小報》、《風月報》「歌謠拾 遺」中傳統文人的歌謠論述進行探討。




This paper according to time priority, in view of the traditional writer's ballad elaboration on "the Chinese written language Taiwan Daily New Newspaper" “A Daye Stove”, "Taiwan Artistic and literary realm" “Taiwan national customs” the preface, "369 Tabloids", "Wind-Moon Newspaper " “the ballad appropriates lost articles” to carry on the discussion.

Discussion of by the traditional writer's ballad elaboration, may know them to affirm the usability and the artistic value of ballad. They discuss or take the ballad to stem from the following five reasons:(1)A part of discussing poem.(2)Likes the ballad.(3)New thought through “New and old literature disputation".(4)To at that time Taiwan in the cultural preservation, the extension development's

embarrassed situation stimulate.(5)The ballad may shoulder the great task of initiation and educating the populace.

By way of this paper research, may discover that the period of Japanese rule the traditional writer's ballad elaboration and this phase of histories that they pay attention to the ballad, not only has opens first, also has the time significance, is the period of Japanese rule ballad history not should a milestone which forgets.

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    本論文按時代先後,對《漢文臺灣日日新報》「大冶一爐」、《台灣藝苑》「台灣國風」序言、《三六九小報》、《風月報》「歌謠拾 遺」中傳統文人的歌謠論述進行探討。

    The essay tries to look, according to the timeline, into the elaborations of folk songs written by traditional men of letters and published in newspapers, such as Taiwan Daily News of Chinese Language, The Great Stove, Taiwan Artistic School, Taiwanese Customs, Tabloid 369, Gossip Newspaper, The Forgotten Folk Songs, etc.


    By exploring the theories of folk songs that traditional men of letters had written, it is easy to see that they thouht highly of the practicality and artistic value of folk songs.


    They discussed or valued folk songs out of the following five reasons: 1. it was a part of poetic appreciation. 2. they were fond of folk songs. 3. they tried to trigger new thoughts by arguing about new and old literatures. 4. they were stimulated by the predicaments of saving Taiwanese culture and sustaining its development at the time. 5. they thought folk songs could shoulder the resposibility of enlightening and educating the general public.


    Through the research of this essay, we can find in the period of Japanese rule the history of how trditional men of letters discussed and showed concerns about folk songs. It is not only pioneering but also representative of time significance. It is a milestone in the history of Taiwanese folk songs sung in the period of Japanese rule that should never be forgotten.

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