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[英文高手Ronald請進] 請幫我用片語造句!(關於of)

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1. get in the way (of)

2. play havoc with

3. keep up a high profile

4. pay tribute to

5. in that

6. cannot help

7. en alternative to

8. on account of

9. in remembrance of

10. in the light of

11. in search of

12. stem from

13. not only...but also...

14. a number of

15. look forward to

ex. because of (因為)

The construction of the school building was delayed because of insufficient funds.


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    1. get in the way (of) 妨礙

    He’s determined to succeed and he won’t let anything get in the way of his future.

    他已決意要成功 他不會讓任何事情阻礙他的前途

    2. play havoc with 損害 浩劫

    Without enough sleep can play havoc with the health of that boy gradually.


    3. keep up a high profile(= attention) 保持高注意力(知名度 人氣)

    The celebrities in Hollywood are keeping up a high profile, which has attracted a lot of publicity.


    4. pay tribute to 讚賞 表示敬意

    We should pay tribute to the ones who dared to fight with the evil doers.


    5. in that 因為(正式用語)

    What we are doing now is mighty important in that the whole purpose is to save lives.

    我們目前所做的是何等重要的事 因為整個目的是要拯救性命

    6. cannot help 無法控制

    It’s awful, but I couldn’t help laughing at her as she fell into that swimming pool.

    太可怕了! 看到她掉入游泳池時我就是無法控制自己一直笑

    7. en alternative to( an alternative to) 一個可供選擇

    There must be an alternative to the homeless who sleep on the streets.


    8. on account of 因為 由於

    He couldn’t come the regular meeting on account of illness.


    9. in remembrance of 感念 紀念

    A church service was held in remembrance of the fallen heroes who fought bravely on the island of Iwo Jima.


    10. in the light of 根據

    Our policy need to be revised in the light of this report.


    11. in search of 尋找

    He was shot by a sniper when he went out in search of Private Little John.

    他外出尋找二等兵 little John 時遭到一個狙擊手射擊

    12. stem from 起源於

    His problems stem from his difficult childhood.


    13. not only...but also... 不但……也

    She is not only beautiful but also very well educated.


    14. a number of 有幾個

    I decided to stay in a low profile for a number of reasons.


    15. look forward to

    I am looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you soon.


    Nice to hear from you again

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    1. 進入方法()

    2. 遊戲大破壞與

    3. 持續一個引人注目

    4. 對

    5. 在那

    6. 不能夠幫助

    7. N 字的替代品

    8. 因為

    9. 在追思中

    10. 按照

    11. 追求

    12. 起源於

    13. 不是只有。。。但是也。。。

    14. 一些

    15. 盼望

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