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小紅帽:不會啊! 這是我的筆記耶!

大野狼:筆記! 筆記應該是要條理分明的,要用不同顏色的筆和螢光比做記號,







小紅帽:一邊讀書一邊聽音樂不行嗎? 但是我覺得聽音樂會給我好心情耶!

灰姑娘:但是一邊讀書一邊聽音樂會分心阿! 在加上長時間戴耳機會使你的聽力


小紅帽;好吧!我知道了! 我試著不聽音樂讀書。再見了我親愛的艾薇兒~



白雪公主:天啊! 你怎麼邊吃東西邊讀書啊?




白雪公主:不! 你難道不知道這樣很容易噎到嗎? 你都不看童話故事嗎?

小紅帽:Okay! 我受夠了! 不能邊聽音樂邊讀書,也不能邊吃東西邊讀書,筆






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    "旁白': Narrator

    ''小紅帽'': Little Red Riding Hood

    ''大野狼'': Big Bad Wolf

    ''灰姑娘'': Cinderella

    ''白雪公主'': Snow White




    Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a cute, little girl (Little Red Riding Hood), who lived in the Happy Forest. This year, he becomes the freshman of 政治 university. And now, he is studying the Candy Bar House.


    Narrator: All the dearest friends of Little Red Riding Hood came to see him.



    Big Bad Wolf: Oh~My Dear! You are studying? Let me see what are you reading now! (how to build good relationship between others)




    Little Red Riding Hood: Un-huh! You're right! It is different in university than in high school. Here in university, we can manage our life freely and as a matter of fact, we have more chances to know all kinds of people. Due to this, how to get along with people becomes very important.


    Big Bad Wolf: Then, tell me, what is it all about?


    Little Red Riding Hood:*


    Big Bad Wolf: But how come you had scrawled all over your book?

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    小紅帽:不會啊! 這是我的筆記耶!

    Little Red Riding Hood: Why? This is my note!

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    小紅帽: 不會啊! 這是我的筆記耶!

    Little Red Riding Hood: Why? This is my note!

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    大野狼: 筆記! 筆記應該是要調理分明的,要用不同顏色的筆和螢光筆作記號,這樣重點才會一目了然,讀起來才會更有效率,不是嗎?

    Big Bad Wolf: Note?! Note should be neat and clear, using different colors of pens and highlighters to mark different points. In that way, you can know your key point right away and you can save a lot of time from this, right?

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    旁白: (狼嚎)

    Narrator: (the wolf howls)

    大野狼: (擺pose)

    Big Bad Wolf: (posed briefly)

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    旁白: 接著灰姑娘野來拜訪他

    Narrator: And next, Cinderella come to visit Little Red Riding Hood.

    灰姑娘: 天啊! 你一邊讀書一邊聽音樂,這招是我快要睡著的時候才用的耶( girlfriend)

    Cinderella: Oh my~Are you listening to music while you're studying? This is the way how i make myself to bed! Girlfriend~

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    小紅帽: 一邊讀書一邊聽音樂不行嗎?但是我覺得聽音樂會給我好心情耶!

    Little Red Riding Hood: Can't i listen to the music while i'm studying? But i found music giving me good mood.

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    灰姑娘: 但是一邊讀書一邊聽音樂會分心啊! 在加上長時間帶耳機會使你的聽力受損...*

    Cinderella: You should know that you can't concentrate on your study while you're listening to music! And plus, using the earphone for a long time will injure your ears...*

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    小紅帽: 好吧! 我知道了! 我是著不聽音樂讀書。再見了我親愛的艾薇兒~

    Little Red Riding Hood: OK! I know! I'll try not to listen to music while studying. Good Bye my dear Avril~

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    旁白: 白雪公主駕到

    Narrator: Here comes Snow White!

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    白雪公主: 天啊! 你怎麼邊吃東西邊讀書啊?

    Snow White: Oh my~Why are you eating while you're studying?

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    小紅帽: 為什麼不行?

    Little Red Riding Hood: Why can't i ?

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    白雪公主: 你不到這樣很不衛生嗎?

    Snow White: Don't you know that it's not hygienic?

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    小紅帽: 我覺得還好啊!

    Little Red Riding Hood: I thought it was fine!

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    白雪公主: 不! 你難道不知道這樣很容易噎到嗎? 你都不看童話故事嗎?

    Snow White: No, no, no. Don't you know that you're going to choke yourself easily. Don't you ever read fairy tales?

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    Little Red Riding Hood: Okay! I'm done with this. I cna't listen to music while studying and i can' eat while studying. My notes have to be neat and clear. I really can't understand. Studying should be a happy thing.

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    Why are there so many limits? And actually, today we're here to introduce everyone a best studying method, which is---to keep a cheerful heart always.

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    Aside: Long before very very long time, in the joyful forest, is being occupied by a lively lovable little girl (small red hat), this year he becomes University of Political Sciences's fresher. This day of he sits in (candy room) * in studies. Aside: In the small red hat dearest friend big wild wolf comes home looks at his big wild wolf: Oh! Dear! Is studying? What let me have a look at you to read? (how to establish good interpersonal relationship) * the small red hat: ! Right! We do not look like the high school in the university by the doctrine restraint stubbornly, may the free plan life, relative we have the opportunity to know more all kinds of people, therefore, between the human and the human is together then appears specially important. Big wild wolf: Then you said that what in the storytelling mentioned? Small red hat: * big wild wolf: But you how calligraphy and painting at sixes and sevens? Small red hat: Cannot! This is my note Ye! Big wild wolf: Note! The note should want orderliness to be distinct, must use the different color the pen and the fluorescence compared to makes the symbol, only will then be like this with emphasis clear, reads only then can be more effective, not right? Aside: (wolf howling) big wild wolf: (suspends pose) the aside: Then the Cinderella also visits his Cinderella: Day! You study while listen to music, this move the time which is I soon falls asleep is using Ye! (girlfriend) small red hat: Studies while listens to music not to be good? But I thought that listens to the concert to me good mood Ye! Cinderella: But studies while listens to the concert to divert attention Arab League! Is adding on the long time to wear the earphone to be able to cause your hearing to suffer injury…* small red hat; Good! I knew! I try not to listen to music to study. Goodbye my dear Wei son

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    aside: Snow White harnesses Snow White: Day! Do you how on the one hand eat on the other hand the thing to study?

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    Small red hat: Why not good Snow White: You do not know like this very not the health? Small red hat: I think fortunately Arab League! Snow White: No! Didn't you know that is like this very easy to choke?

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    You do not look at the fairy tale story? Small red hat: Okay! I 夠! Cannot on the one hand listen to the other hand music to study, also cannot on the one hand eat on the other hand the thing to study, writes down must put in order neat me not to understand really,

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    down must put in order neat me not to understand really, what the study should be originally is joyful is Arab League, why can have these many limits, actually we must introduce that today best studies the method for everybody is maintains a joyful heart.

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