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卡卡 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



How to prevent students for getting nearsighted ?



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    How to prevent students from getting nearsighted ?

    Recently,there are more and more students getting nearsighted.why?

    Because students study in school all day long and often use computers.

    If students don't have a good habit of reading,they may get nearsighted.

    Therefore,I'm of the opinion that the best way to prevent students from

    nearsighted is to form a good reading habit,keeping distance with book,taking a rest when eyes are tired,and reading books that words are big.


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    There are three reasons I regard them as a preventation of getting nearsighted.First,your eyes feel tired soon if you look something too close.For example,when you are reading a book,you will feel more

    tired if you are more close to them.Second,an English proverb goes"To rest is to prepare for a longer journey ahead."So,you must take a rest to let you eyes relax.Finally,looking a larger and more clear word can let your eyes feel less stress.It goes without saying that

    you will not get nearsighted with the good habit all mentioned above.



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    To sum up,keeping students from nearsighted bases on good habits of reading.The more students have good habits of reading,the less students get nearsighted.It is the most important thing that prevent students from nearsighted.

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    Do you know that there are more students getting

    nearsighted? A study shows that eight out of ten junior high

    school students are nearsighted.We should think highly it.

    Here are some useful tips to prevent students for getting nearsighted.

    First,do not reading in the dark,that is bad to eyes. before

    reading books,please turn on the light first;second, do not use the computer or watching TV for a long are a good tips to protect your eyes──when you use the eyes

    for more than forty minutes,please relax the eyes for ten minutes;third,see the green things for a long time.A studies

    shows the green things are good to protect the eyes.

    If we can use eyes in the right way.Then we can prevent

    the nearsighted.If we can teach the students how to protect

    our eyes,the student can prevent for getting nearsighted by

    good tips.So, just use and protect our eyes well.The students

    can prevent for getting nearsighted well.


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