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how is corruption practiced?

how is it done by individuals? pls cite as many examples as u want.

thanks a lot

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Corruption occurs in many forms, but could be defined as the demanding or receiving, offering or

    giving, of undue reward by or to any persons in order to influence their behaviour and to persuade

    them to act contrary to the normal

    Example 1 :Corrupt Practices could occur during the planning and design phase of a construction project.


    1)Firstly a project owner may bribe a government or local authority official in order to obtain planning permission for a project, or to obtain approval for a design which does not meet relevant

    building regulations.

    2) Another way corruption could occur in a construction project would be in the case when the project may, as a result of a bribe, be designed or specified by the owner or engineer in a

    manner which improperly favours one bidder over the others. For example, a certain technology

    which is only possessed by one of the bidders may be specified, even though other technologies

    may be preferable or cheaper. This would normally result in the contractors who do not possess

    the specified technology being kept off the pre-qualification list, or being rejected as non-

    compliant at tender stage. In some cases, the owner would knowingly have caused the design to

    be undertaken in this manner. In other cases, the owner may not be aware that the design has

    been undertaken in this manner (for example where the owner has appointed an architect or

    engineering consultant to undertake the design, or where the decision is taken corruptly by a

    representative of the owner)

    Example 2:Corrupt practises could occur within a political system ie. Political corruption.


    In Australia (New South Wales in 1989) A public service job was provided in New South Wales in 1989 the Premier, Nick Greiner, was accused by the anti-corruption commission which he had established on coming into office, of acting corruptly in providing a public service job for a former supporter so as to enlarge his majority in the New South Wales Parliament. This was done against the law and in conflict between the demands of politics and the demands of public office.

    Example 3:Corruption can occur via extortion: (as in India's Health Care Industry):

    Just as the painful ordeal of childbirth finally ended and

    Nesam Velankanni waited for a nurse to lay her squalling

    newborn on her chest, the maternity hospital’s ritual of

    extortion began. Before she even glimpsed her baby, she said, a

    nurse whisked the infant away and an attendant demanded a

    bribe. If you want to see your child, families are told, the price is

    $12 for a boy and $7 for a girl.” This actually happened and was mentioned in the ‘New York Times on August 30, 2005

    Source(s): New York Times. I have taken a number of courses in business law.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Check out the US loan crisis. Though not regulated now, most loan agents were selling low cost home loans that would triple or quadruple after a few years. The agents often knew these people would never afford it. Many large companies (Countrywide) would hire people off the streets to become unlicenced "mortgage brokers" to swindle such bad deals. Though this is currently legal and likely included information in tiny legalese print in the contract somewhere...hundreds of thousands of Americans are living in their cars because of such practices.

    Practice makes perfect...and you too can become a parasite such as this if that is your heart's desire. Thank you for asking and make it a great day. ....Sorry...just very sad for these people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    when certain individuals with power tend to take money that is not really theirs. like some government leaders, when they see a project that wants to be approved by the developer, they are usually the ones that will approve the project and in return, the developer gives them an incentive because of their help. sometimes, these projects aren't good for certain reasons like the environment, or with people who are around the area. and when more of these occur, the govt. leaders tend to do more for the developers to gain more money.

  • 1 decade ago

    hidalgo county east detention center. privately owned prison. ten people escaped a fortified prison. five illegal immigrants, one crooked cop who was busted along with his four brothers for trafficking thousands of pounds of coke, weed, and every kind of drug. you dont get out of a privately owned prison without a payoff. these guys knew too much, and whoever they knew didnt want them sweating it out in prison. so , they were let loose. never to be seen again. they are probably feeding the fish at the bottom of the rio grande if they havent been washed out to the bay yet.

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  • Alion
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    In politics,it's done through bribery. There are countless varieties of bribes in public office,not just money but influence as well.

  • 1 decade ago

    Individual corruption to me is, to be born without conscience.

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