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R&P what are some of your political views?

im kind of interested of where some of the regulars political views are?

MQ: best female in rock music? today or ever?


really where you stand in the election?

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  • Martin
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    As Dylan said- "There is no right wing or left wing, there is only up wing or down wing"

    I don't do the "best" game, but Chrissy Hynde is on of the greats.


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    I try to avoid politics... the candidates for pres always provide a choice between the lesser of two evils. The electoral college system negates the power of the individual vote... and I will be hosed no matter who wins... I am not rich enough to take advantage of the system, and luckily I am not poor enough to take advantage of it either.

    I am a lucky guy with a great wife and a right hand that is too slow to ever be really good on my Les Paul. I love music.

    Best Female in Rock Music? A whole lotta debate I bet, but I am gonna list it like this, and I think vocally.

    1 Pat Benatar

    2 Chrissy Hynde

    3 Ann Wilson

    4 Janis

    5 Stevie Nicks

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    I think Janis Joplin had an amazing voice, she was so talented but had a few issues! ^.^ I feel the same way about Amy Winehouse.

    I also thing Amy Lee has an amazing voice, even though I'm definitely not a fan of Evanescence.

    The front woman for Jefferson Airplane is cool too!


    I personally don't like to associate myself with a particular party, I like and dislike things about both...I simply am very liberal. I actually like to look at the issues instead of blindly following a category.

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    I usually don't express my political views much to people I don't know(unless they ask). To me, holding yourself to political parties only helps in the posibility of too many people believing in a bad idea,agenda, and/or opinion. And whether you believe In Christ or not, he once said something wise: "any nation that is divided can be brought into desolation." also know that no one is truly a conservative here in America. And all presidents lie. It's their job. I will vote for obama in the elections; though if Ron Paul would have won the nomination instead of mccain, I would have to think harder on my decision.

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    I'm Conservative....

    I'm a Non-Partisan Voter...BUT that will change very soon.

    I MIGHT go to the Constitution Party.

    Dont know yet...havent decided.

    also...havent y'all heard of Chuck Baldwin running for President?

    or I might vote For McCain & Palin.

    I'm not a Democrat because I'm totally oppose abortion & Gay-Marriage. I even wrote a song called "Abolish abortion".

    YQ - Best female in rock today? I'll say Joan Jett

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  • Jay
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    I don't associate myself with a political party, and I don't believe in the political spectrum, with "liberals" at one end and "conservatives" at the end. Actually I don't really believe in political parties at all either. But anyway I think the spectrum is extremely limiting. I'm not old enough to vote, but if I could, I'd probably vote for Obama, though I think Dennis Kucinich would make a much better president than him.

    MQ: My favorite female musician is Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley. I don't really consider her the "best" though.

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    I think it's all full of crap and lies for money, money, money. Even if I could vote in the next election, there is no way in hell that anyone can fix the mess both Bill Clinton and George Bush have left, even if they had a pure soul (which no politicians do, let's face it).

    RANTING OVER! MA: Heart.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Ron Paul has run for Pres three times. He has on no account won a single state. it would be quite obtrusive that Ron Paul is purely not very usual. Edit: No. He did not win 5 states. His group went to the delegate determination caucuses and elected people who have been sympathetic to Ron Paul. yet they have been statutorily required to vote for Romney in accordance with a binding wide-unfold vote. Ron Paul has on no account won a state.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I live in Australia but i think Barack Obama should win the US election, thats what will be better for the world then Bush.

    Best female in rock music : Annie Lennox, Tina Turner and many more

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    The Green Party is good and the Republicans(Ron Paul was good but now he's out) and Democrats(Hillary Clinton was okay but she is out too) suck. Ralph Nader is much better than McCain and Obama.

    MQ: Emilie Autumn

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