Help me find this dress for my Alice in Wonderland costume?

Well while I was at Disneyland CA over the summer, I went inside the castle and there is this one store with all the princess dresses. I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with this Alice dress!! The problem is that I can not find it online. It is not even on the Online Disney Store.

All I really need is just more pictures, so I can make it myself, or information so I could buy it.

here are pictures of the dress itself that i found on photobucket:

Help would be VERY appreciated!! =]


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    Well, the tag says Walt Disney World but I'm pretty sure that if you have a Disney store nearby, you'll mostly find it there.

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    You can reach him at when you reach him tell him which characters are you looking for which size the girl wears from pair sizes as he only handle pair sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 for childs and for adults he makes it custom made with a lot of measures he ask you really fits incredible, also he will ask you feet lenght in metric system centimeters cms if u want to add an accesories kit into the purchase of your dress as he sells accesories like princess shoes, crinolines, wands, bouquet flowers, umbrellas, wings, character pillows and more, when you reach him also let him know when is the latest day you want to get it so he can rate you the cheapest shipping to get in to your final date.

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    I by no capacity felt somewhat scared with the aid of it, however the tale certainly might desire to have a hidden darkness as maximum contemporary adaptions of the tale have been of the horror form. in case you get excitement from being scared, you are able to try McGee's Alice pc video sport. it is somewhat good yet slightly dated now, so probable you will locate it somewhat low-value. the sport narrates the tale of Alice, some few years after the Wonderland adventures, she's grown dark and cynic and now she might desire to shuttle a completely twisted wonderland. Cheshire's Cat is very creepy.

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    The Disney Store has it in the kids section:

    Party City has it but they modernized it:

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  • The only place that I can find any similar ones is ebay in a few different sizes, you can try on there. A few are Buy It Now.

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    I found something similiar. Hope this helps

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    you could always get this one....

    and this is not alice but if you dont want the one above this might do... (the dress)

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