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Why does my HDTV keep switching from widescreen to full screen?

It's actually my dad's new tv, but it's quite annoying. I live a couple hours away, so I can't fiddle with and try to fix it. Anyway, the problem is that it will be in letterbox format with the black bars on top and on the bottom. I know this depends on the aspect ratio, but then it will also go to full screen and fill the entire screen vertically, removing the letterbox. It has done this on many many occasions to the point where my dad is ready to return it.

It switches during the same program (like almost every 45 seconds or so it makes the switch) so I know that's not the issue. It also does this during movies being played on their DVD player. Is the TV trying to find the best fit and can't decide? Is there some setting on the TV to stop this from happening???

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    You should be able to go into the TV Menu and switch it off. The raster size option is probably set on AUTO, which means the TV makes the standard definition broadcasts fill out the screen at the same size as High def broadcasts. Eventually, all broadcasts will become high def in the future and this won't be an annoyance anymore, but for now, you can set a "one size fits all" by selecting one of the proper options the menu will list for you.

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    Switch from 'auto' to 16:9 fixed aspect ratio; it'll be a setup menu item. Also make sure your digibox or sat receiver is set up for a 16:9 set.... There's an aspect ratio switching signal sent out with the programme.... Your TV is probably just reacting to it (as it should!)

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