What do I need to do to get into 'dream college'?

I'm a sophomore going to a top public high school in WI. I'm a black female and am currently ranked 2nd in my class (weighted) and 14th (unweighted). I play on my JV volleyball team, participate in debate, won in my category (engineering) at the State Intel ISEF Science Fair and I'm currently working on a new project. I take AP European history and junior Pre-Calculus. I plan on majoring in Engineering and then going to law school. SO, what should be my goal(s) this year in order to get into the top, private, 4-year univerisity on the east coast? I've obviously thought about this for a long time lol.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A's on every single class, no A-s

    Source(s): MIT cousin.
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